Product Care


Every MOYOURA piece is handcrafted using 925 sterling silver, a beautiful, high-quality, precious metal. Our pieces in gold have a 18k gold layering on 925 sterling silver base.

Due to its compounds and metals, all sterling silver tends to tarnish over time. Proper care and storage will ensure that your sterling silver jewelry maintains its beautiful appearance and longevity.

Moyoura Silver Hoop Earrings with Gold Beads
Moyoura Gold Ring


What to Avoid

Avoid all forms of moisture. This includes water, sweat, salt water, chemicals, lotions, etc. 

Remove your jewelry before showering, exercising or cooking.

Skin and hair care routines should be done prior to putting on your jewelry.  

Do not use any kind of chemical or liquid solutions to clean your jewelry.

Storage & Maintenance

The best way to keep your sterling silver jewelry from tarnishing is to wear it regularly. The natural oils from your skin will prevent it from tarnishing.

Minimize exposure to air by keeping your jewelry wrapped in the zipped pouch provided. We recommend that you keep pieces in separate pouches to minimize surface scratches.

On a regular basis, gently polish and clean your piece using a dry soft cotton cloth or material. Optical cleaning cloths are great for polishing and cleaning sterling silver.